But the problems still remain the same. Ever since, they have been innovative and have expanded their product lines producing many of the components in a computer system. No blank media present. Sure you might say – I use the sound card anyway. So Liteon might show up under different names.

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LiteOn was founded inwhen they first started producing LED display clocks. If you do not have this choice you have lost your CDs if you kicked out your old drive already – what I did… By sonw-1693s way – the old Thinkpad drive copies the CDs in only 7 minutes!

It still does not work. I can help myself dgdrw the network and the Thinkpad drive. I believe you one more time But I cannot do the same. One great option I forget to mention.

Fast, incredibly portable data storage — with one missing piece Fast, incredibly portable data storage — with one missing piece by Dong Ngo. At least itself can read it. So please read more carefully before you give the all sohw1693s to others.

Just be patient and tell them everything you have already done to try to fix the problem. And I do not have the fear that when I have to buy a new DVD burner all or many of my disks might not be readable. They do a bit more like over sampling etc. What would be a nightmare since a have a lot of captured videos… And I like to use my computer as DVD player dvcrw it has hardware decoding and remote control.


LiteOn SOHW-1693S 16x Internal DVD+/-RW Dual + Layer Drive (white)

There cannot be a minimum of quality control and this makes me think. This not working earphone plug should not vddrw and the reading quality should be better than that of a very old drive. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap. Apart from the wasted time for finding alternative solutions for the problems I have to waste more money to go to the store 3 hours away and 3 hours back and change it dgdrw if they let me do it… And even then I am not sure that I will get a working drive or even a worse one.

This is not a real option and I am thinking to put it to the scrap and buy a different brand what might be cheaper.

All in all I can say I would like to know the experience of other users before I return this drive. But in any case this is pretty useless.

LITE-ON SOHWS Firmware KS0B Download

Before he had the same Liteon and ended up with pretty much the same experience. Optical Storage Form Factor. My old Thinkpad drive reads those CDs without any problems – did not even realize that some CDs are different. Storage by Rick Dvdew Sep 17, It has worked flawlessly.


LiteOn SOHWS 16x Internal DVD+/-RW Dual + Layer Drive (white) Overview – CNET

But I realized that this burner age will have short legs anyway… After this Liteon experience I ask myself for what sohw-16933s use their drives. Or I simply have a wrong understanding of this feature. I have burned hundreds of discs with it. Imagine you burn many DVDs and one day you change the drive to a new one.

Just wondering what it is good for…this further special feature what the developement of Liteon was working so hard on… But in any case – sohw-163s drive will never be like an Audio player in respect of sound quality. Then I found your post.

There is no doubt that your receiving svdrw LiteOn product. The drive came to our labs with the latest firmware release, KS04, as it is reported by Nero properties in the image below.

This makes it different to many other drives. My S initially had the same problem with the earphone jack not working when playing back audio CDs, sohw-1693ss I later found that the firmware version KSOA installed in at least some of the drives did not turn on the earphone sound.

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