If the machine cannot reset itself and return to the date and time prompt, it will display Machine Error XX. Scan to Image When you select Scan to Image your original will be scanned and sent directly to the PC you designated on your network. Packing and shipping the machine Whenever you transport the machine, use the packing materials that came with your machine. Discard the used toner cartridge according to local regulations, keeping it separate from domestic waste. Machine ID Enter your fax number up to 20 digits. Customizing The Job Status Report Face-down Output Tray

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Page Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.

Imagistics ix USB – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Wait for the machine to cool down before you touch the internal parts of the machine. Doing this might cause Before you clean the machine an electrical shock. You can make the most of your machine by taking a few minutes to read this Guide. Choosing Acceptable Paper You can scroll through Caller ID information to review those calls made to your machine. The keys for not have printed letters because they are used for special characters.

Page Open the Desktop Printer Utility icon. Storing Speed Dial Numbers Enter a number up to 20 digits.


Imagistics ix2700 User Manual

Delayed Send During the day you can store up to 50 faxes in the memory to be sent within 24 hours. Check that the paper is flat in the tray, below the maximum paper mark, and that the paper guide is flush against the paper stack.

Click the ix icon on the Desktop. Pull the jammed paper out of the machine. Setting The Ring Count Converting Telephone Wall Outlets Page To change the file type of the attachment click the Link Preferences button to set up links.

PreScanning an image PreScanning allows you to scan an image quickly at a low resolution.

Type the name of the new Group in the Group Name field. The large LCD shows your current Copy mode settings. Click the Setting button to change the Date and Time Format. Select Cover Page Form Select the cover page format you want to use. While it is often relatively simple to connect the machine to a key system or a PBX Private Branch Exchangewe suggest that you contact the company that installed your telephone system and ask them to ix200 the machine for you.

Basic Receiving Operations When you access this application, the settings on your machine will be downloaded to your PC and displayed on your computer screen.


Check that the guides are firmly in the slots. Continued Registers the 2. Miagistic the tab settings by selecting one of the following icons: Advanced tab To return to the default settings, click the Default button. Word Pad instead of Word and file type.


To start scanning your document, click the Scan button in the Scan dialog box. On-screen programming User-friendly programming Your machine is designed to be easy to use with LCD on-screen programming using the navigation keys. So, never touch the shaded parts shown in the illustration. Since the documents are secured at the machine, you must use the control panel of the machine with the password to print them.

Real Time Transmission When memory is full, you can send faxes in real time. When you open the front cover or back output tray of the machine, never touch the shaded parts shown in the following diagram. Important Safety Instructions Using Remote Setup