Found a fix but still not happy. Presumably the files are compressed or messed with in some way and require formatting somehow? I had it working for two weeks, now exactly as you describe. Your trust is our top concern. I also found that it ejected itself extremely easily, as a simple nudge was able to make it eject inconvenient when watching movies on laptop in bed. I think most of product is low quality. I presented one way above.

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But the computer side is a usb3.

I transferred all my backup data with no problems. It’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

Imation Apollo M100 1TB Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 PC and Mac i28636

Blue light came on but couldnt be read from any PC or tv or anything. I don’t know if anyone apolll has experienced this, but it change it’s formatting overnight and i haven’t been able to use it since have plugged it into 3 completely different laptops, PS3, 2 different types of TV’s, and its format doesn’t work with any of them.

However, the hard drive wasn’t working. I then when to do some photo editing and noticed that the hard drive could no longer be read. Recently, I have had to reformat her laptop due to viruses and problems regarding my younger siblings downloading various software for games.


Works on laptop but not on dvd player and that’s what I bought it for. Plug it back in and copy all your data across before binning it. Attempted it read it on three computers including the Officeworks store that i purchased it at.

Apollo M SellSheet – IMATION – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Apoklo the convenience of a portable drive such as this but within 6 months here I sit with a drive that lights up but no apoklo works! The only bug bear is that it has a proprietary pin on the hard drive side I. It does not inform how to retrieve data supposedly stored in the hard drive There is no information in pamphlet supplied with the the portable hard drive.

I think most of product is low quality.

If I had known that it was going to to be so hard to recover data i would not have bought it. Please don’t buy this crap. Just stopped working one day.

Good for data copies for a imqtion, but dont rely on it. The files can then be erased from the HDD drive. The same happened with mine in 3 months.

From what I’ve read this is not uncommon. It’s cheap – but for a reason. Unable to use it since day one. Was this review helpful? I spent 2 hours trying to find a solution. My mother very recently tried to move her music over to her now re-furbished laptop. Not worth bothering with. Next time I plugged it in began the problems. Iimation had to dump thousands of returns. Apoolo thing that annoys me most about all this is that the manufacturers don’t want to hear anything about it – they say that lost data is not covered by the warranty.


I bought this hard drive about a year ago and backed up my PC.

If it has stopped working after working for a while, you will have to pull the drive apart to free the reader from the disk. Use the same backup program you used to create the archive; the files are indeed compressed.

Don’t waste money on this I will tell you when i can retrieve data from it.