Control of the unit is down to a combination of buttons, basically a joystick and three function buttons. After selecting ‘Firmware upgrade’, the Open box appears prompting you to open the upgrade file from the desktop where you saved it. You will get “. It even has upgradeable firmware. Click ‘OK’ and make sure that the firmware version has been changed by using Firmware information on Help menu. Check your player’s firmware version which is shown when you power on the player.

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One strange thing about the battery is that it is removable. Sponsored links Files in Driver Package 1. The battery takes about 2.

Moving through the menu involves using the joystick and pressing the buttons – the instructions are not much of an insight, but it is logical and soon falls into place. After downloading the firmware file, please uncompress the file. The main unit itself looks shocking. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from iRiver are listed at first.

iRiver iFP-300T Digital Drivers

Design remains an issue in irifer provided carry case and arm strap. The case is silver plastic of the type that I last saw on a Walkman in Besides, Both the driver developer’s home page and driver download and iruver page be provided as well in my iRiver page. Fixed the issue that reboots after displaying Delete error when adding a file, if over tracks are programmed on the device.


The device comes with software, the iRiver Music Manager, which seemed to work better than Media Player for moving files around.

You can also go into file and folder browsing, which makes it really easy to find what you want. Click ‘OK’ and make sure that the firmware version has been changed by using Firmware information on Help menu. It reminds me of something I once found in my Granddad’s shed, and how they thought they would get away with the carry case farce, I have no idea.

But nothing can divert you from the image of this thing.

The arm strap is made from neoprene and secures it self with a metal hook through a leather hole. Top power packs for phones and USB-C laptops.

Best power banks It’s going to take a lot to pull you to this device. There is even a clock and alarm functions. Verdict It’s going to take a lot to pull icp-300t to this device.

iRiver and Cameras and MP3 Player drivers

Fixed the issue that didn’t keep Fade in setting when beep volume is changed to 0. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more. Improved to keep current setting after connecting to the PC as below. There is also a Hold switch, so no problems with the joystick ifp-3000t in your pocket.


Track all your stuff! Fixed the issue that didn’t keep current setting after powering on and off when interval repeat or SFL was on. Using the provided software you can rename things, reorganise, set the channels on the radio and so on.

iRiver iFPT Series MP3 Player Firmware vG Manager Version | Opendrivers

What to expect from January’s Consumer Electronics Show. You will get “. Capacity remains an issue, so you might want to look for something with larger capacity.

The fake silver plastic is awful. Best tech of Check the Free Space indicator in iriver Music Manager to ensure you have enough free space on your player for the firmware upgrade. To then attach the arm strap to the carry case, you pass a small strap through a loop and fasten with two more poppers.