They played Brutal Assault this year. Def Leppard is the band that really made me want to do what I do, even though Hysteria is not really much of a guitar riff record, but their earlier stuff is. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. He replaced guitarist Evan Pitts in This page was last edited on 4 September , at And if so, has that been a conscious decision or natural evolution.

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Shortly after DevilDriver returned to Santa Barbara, Pitts had decided not to continue with the band and Spreitzer became a permanent member.

But on Outlaws, we recorded guitars and bass first and we did all that at my studio and I engineered all that stuff. But in metal, I listen to how the vocals are sung and how they fit in with the song rather than what they mjke about. DevilDriver at Paaspop Amp-wise, some tones were kept from Mike’s Fractal, but everything was re-amped through a driftwood nightmare, a modded Marshall Devildrier I must’ve been drinking Jack Daniels, because whiskey makes me tap more.

So that was the only one that got scrapped. Achim Raschka from de.


He is the second longest lasting member following the departures of all original members except vocalist Dez Fafara. I was out for like six hours that day.

File:14-04-19 DevilDriver Mike Spreitzer 06.jpg

It got them through a lot sspreitzer scary situations. And I loved the fact that we had Burton from Fear Factory. How can you explain the enduring popularity? Alice In Chains has always been on my radar.

Unfortunately, Grolby broke up eight months after Spreitzer joined. In these cases, a model release or other evidence of consent could protect you from infringement claims.

Interview with Mike Spreitzer (guitar) of Devildriver in Dublin on August 15th, 2018

I was really into Lady Gaga for a long time. Once they were in the band we spent a massive amount of time writing in my studio in Torrance, California.

Have you ever met anybody, any fans that have told you, personally, a story of how your music influenced them, helped them through a difficult period in their lives? You see, I was far from the most popular kid in school when I was younger.

Is that a common thing in the States where you have an early gig and mioe everybody gets out, and then they have a club night? spreitzet

When I went to college, that changed me a lot. I love A Perfect Circle. Interviews News Rock Vault.


The one thing I always liked about Metallica is how they mix up their setlist every day. And we had a plane cancellation in Barcelona.

Okay, just taking you right back. Jeff Dsvildriver and John Boecklin both left the band on the same day if I remember correctly? He has also written and recorded music for small movie projects including the documentary Tokyo Comedy Store Director: For taking this photo and licencing it under a free licence a press accreditation was required.

Interview: Mike Spreitzer from DEVILDRIVER | Antihero Magazine

But on this record, for the first time ever, we spent two weeks with Steve Evetts in a rehearsal space, devilrriver me, Neal, and Austin, going over the songs. My music passion was first created by seeing Status Quo at the tender age of What was your first musical memory? I started playing when I was Interviews October 20, Please write an email to achim.